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Linda Smith has been dancing Argentine Tango since 2006. She trained in Toronto and Buenos Aires with a long list of brilliant teachers, and has worked closely as an assistant and performer with Elizabeth Sadowska since 2011. She teaches the popular technique class (Tango Drills) once a month, where students come to upgrade the fundamental aspects of their dance. Her class Tango Essentials – a three-hour Intensive workshop covering a variety of topics including the giro, vals, milonga and caminata – is offered once a month. She also gives private lessons where she specializes in refining each student’s technique, connection and musicality. In addition to her teaching, she performs demos at a variety of social occasions, including fundraisers and special events.


Tarek Marroushi has been dancing since the age of 16 in Folklore. While studying engineering at Ryerson University in 1999, he enjoyed Folklore performances in different communities, but soon became involved with Latin dancing and trained by several teachers from Hungary, Ukraine and Russia.

After graduating in 2003 and landing an engineering job, he found his interest in Latin competitions and enjoyed performances.
In 2012, he was introduced to Argentine Tango by Elizabeth Sadowska, and since then has never looked back. He has been trained by her on an intensive program for few years, and his passion has taken him all across North America and abroad to Argentina, learning with many brilliant teachers and masters. In the past few years, he has worked closely with Elizabeth as an assistant, a performer and currently a teacher at the studio.

Tarek is known for his footwork, posture, balancing and turning techniques. He teaches levels 1, 2 and 3A/B for beginners, along with leaders’ technique, where students come to improve their dance and musicality. He also gives private lessons that focuses on refining the student’s technique.


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